Non Stick Granite Hotpot 2 In 1 square pot with Lid, 28CM 1,279php (FREE-ITEM) 250 points

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Non-Stick Granite Hotpot 2 In 1 square pot with Lid, 28CM Two-Flavor Hot Pot Cooker, Suitable for Induction cooker & Gas stove【Essential Woody】

  • Two-flavor hotpot: get the two best flavors that you like at the same time Switzerland Imported ILAG maifan stone non-stick coating: an outstanding non-stick ability for all your cooking needs. Less oil needed for cooking: healthier diet for you and your friends and family, easy cleaning.5 layers non-stick coating: a durable non-stick coating that will last you for a very long time. Body made of die-cast aluminum: lighter and more robust body thanks to the technology of die-casting. Your non-stick hotpot will not warp easily. Ergonomic and soft handle: use your hotpot comfortably for a long cooking period.4.5mm thick bottom: stable and homogen heat distribution during cooking.